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Mahidhar K
2 min readOct 20, 2021


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I watched a football match between Brentford FC and Chelsea on 16th October 2021. It ended Brentford losing 0 -1 to Chelsea. The result though does not speak for the game. Brentford played great football against the top club in England right now. This happens many times in football. The best team on the football is not the winner. Results don’t give full picture . Far too often, we forget this and focus on results.

Results based on Popularity

In sports, results are not subjective. But there is a whole of line of arts where results are extremely subjective. They depend on popular endorsements. One particular artist comes to memory : Vincent Vangogh. He suffered from depression, poverty and committed suicide at a young age. I only know his name because he became famous posthumously. I can only imagine many artists, who were possibly great artists, but did not get recognized..

Entrepreneur : Results outside effort

I have a steady job with a company. My efforts are realized and I get results in terms of my career growth. The same is not true for an entrepreneur. The results of their venture are in the hands of the large number of customers. For every Elon Musk who is successful, there are many I don’t know, but have put in similar efforts to their ventures..

Associate but Dissociate

To see a person for the effort they put in and not the results is a monumental task. But it takes only small pause for us to realize and think that results are not the only things we should be looking for. I think of this an important way to be happy with oneself. Every time we do something we want to deliver good results. We train, up skill and work hard. But get demotivated, if we don’t get desired results. We don’t feel great. Why should it be that way? Can I not find satisfaction in the way I am striving? I should have goals, be motivated by them. But I should be able to find satisfaction in striving to achieve them not in the goals themselves..

Watch Closely

We can apply this to our relationships. Many feel great when they listen to Mozart’s music. Maybe the voice of the person you love feels the same. If you listen closely, you can transform it into a melody. We are spell bounded when we read Shakespeare. Maybe the letter you get from the person you love feels the same. If you read closely, you can transform into an epic. Do not focus on the outer results, watch closely. You will find your loved one, putting the efforts for you..



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