Euler’s identity

Be like Euler’s identity

Couple of months ago, I watched Social Dilemma on Netflix, a documentary which explains how user engagement driven solutions had side effects. One of the side effects was ‘Polarisation of ideas’. It is natural for us to engage in or read or watch ideas which conform to our judgments or biases. To enable users to engage more, social media algorithms started recommending articles, images or videos which users are more likely to click. This leads to polarized information

This is probably the case even in real world. People are more polarized despite the exposure to new cultures either through news, media etc. Global movements in society don’t seem to translate to inclusivity locally

  1. We claim to provide equal opportunities to women and men at work place, yet the number of cases of sexual harassment are increasing
  2. We claim to provide equal opportunities to all races or castes at work place, yet think twice before employing some one different race or caste
  3. We claim to choose friends or relationships based on compatibility, yet judge them or get judged for wealth, physical appearances, race etc

This all seems to invigorate Us vs Them kind of mentality amongst us. Political polarization is at the highest in our history. One can find more proof to this in Democracies Divided: The Global Challenge of Political Polarization

I tend to think myself as open-minded fellow but can’t help but think in hindsight I might have judged a book based on its cover. There are instances where I avoided social interaction with someone due to such judgements.

I can possibly avoid this by maybe thinking about 2 examples.

  1. Euler’s identity
  2. Turing machine

Eulers’ identity

It is considered the most beautiful equation in mathematics. The equation uses transcedental, irrational and imaginary numbers with integers. It shows that it is possible to produce normal numbers using what one might consider as abnormal

Turing machine

Alan Turing (also, a homosexual who was punished by government) proved that a machines can solve some problems faster than intelligent humans and saved many lives

While considering ideologies, I must remember that what society in majority considers a norm or acceptable today will change.

Homosexuals were punished by governments for sodomy but is no longer a crime..Women did not have voting right but they do now..Employment used to based on caste system but it is based on skills now…Computers were expected to bring unemployment but solve so many problems for us now..

One must exercise patience, empathy and kindness to everyone. Whoever the person maybe, it is us who created the distinction. Pioneers are the ones who see beyond these human created distinctions and march towards new opportunities. Sometimes it the most unthinkable combination that can bring something normal just like Euler’s identity

Be like Euler’s identity…



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Mahidhar K

Mahidhar K

A Product Manager with Porter; Interested in Mathematics, philosophy and trekking.